Saturday, June 19, 2021

What evil lurks within the bog?


The blacksmith's daughter has been kidnapped!  Tracks lead into the murky swamps of the Rushmoors, but an adventuring party tasked to find the missing girl has not been heard from since.   Will another group of brave adventurers step up and attempt a rescue?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Book & Blade RPG - My Knave hack



Book & Blade is a rules-light old school fantasy roleplaying game. It is a hack of Ben Milton’s RPG Knave, and is further influenced by other Knave hacks that build upon Ben's game.

Book & Blade is highly compatible with old school Dungeons & Dragons rules and adventures. It plays very similar to older D&D versions, with three main exceptions:

  1. No Classes – PCs don’t choose a traditional class at start. PCs can be customized as they level by choosing feats. Fighting types can take fighting feats. Users of magic can choose magic-related feats. You can re-create various D&D classes this way, or build multiclass characters by mixing and matching various abilities. 
  2. Every PC can use spell books – In traditional D&D, Magic-Users carry a spell book that contains various spells. In Book & Blade, a spell book only contains a single spell. So if you want to be able to cast multiple spells, you’ll have to carry multiple spell books. All PCs can cast spells, but they have to decide if they want to fill up their limited inventory with bulky spell books, instead of other gear. Which leads us to….
  3. Inventory is crucial - Other than the feats they choose, a PC’s role in the party is determined largely by the equipment they carry. Fighting-types will fill up their limited inventory slots with weapons and armor. Users of magic will fill up their inventory with multiple spell books, so they can have an arsenal of various spells at their disposal. But inventory slots are limited, so you can’t have the best weapons and armor and be able to wield a large number of spells. And don’t forget to leave some of your inventory slots open for the treasure you’ll find on your adventures, since this is a game that is all about acquiring gold, as gold = XP.

You can download Book & Blade here.

- Brian Stewart